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Low Cost

No Cost Adventures

Let's Talk

July 5 at 1:00PM

Mandarin Senior Center

In the Annex

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How to have family adventures

The program, titled “Low-Cost No-Cost Adventures,” features a filmed interview with the Abbotts, a family that regularly sets off on family adventures. 

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great adventure. I think it’s more about working out problems as a family that brings us closer together,” says Brian and Jodi Abbott’s oldest, Graham.

Participants will get practical tips for having low- cost or no-cost adventures and explore the barriers to family adventures.


We'll get to know other participants by sharing some interesting or memorable tidbits from vacations we've taken in the past.  

Then, we'll examine what the stories we've just heard have in common.

What is an Adventure?

Sometimes they are planned; and others seem to be accidental.  It's the accidental ones that blast your plans out the window and often turn out to be the best adventure of all.  Join the conversation, share your thoughts and hear with others have to say.

Do you live a "Bubble-Wrapped" life

It seems our culture doesn't care much for risk.  We'll hear some examples of some warnings we see on products we purchase. You'll wonder what happened that made it necessary to put some of the warnings we see on the products we purchase. You'll probably shake your head in disbelief. 

Adventures in Kindness

Participants will share in an event especially designed for this Lifetree Cafe event.  We'll discover that adventures usually begin about the same place your comfort zone ends.

We'll watch a video segment from the Abbot family. A famil that doesn't leave adventures to chance - they plan for them.  They'll share the secret ingredients to a good adventure.  

Lifetee's guide to Adventure

We'll conclude the event by giving you the steps necessary to start your own adventurous future.  

Come, Join the Conversation;  Perhaps you'll make a new friend or two along the way. 


Admission to the 60-minute event is free. 

Tuesday June 7 at 1:00PM
Mandarin Senior Center
3848 Hartley Rd
Jacksonville, FL   32257

If you are 60 years of age or older, come at 11:45 and enjoy a free hot meal with members of the center; then stay for the program “Lighten Up” which starts at 1:00PM.  

If you are not yet a "seasoned citizen", come at 1:00PM for the interesting conversation.


You're welcome just as you are,
your thoughts are welcome, 
Your doubts are welcome,
We're all in this together.

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