What is Lifetree Cafe?

The short answer is it is that each Lifetree Cafe event is a conversational Life Study.  A time and place where interesting people like you get together to talk about their own experiences with life and faith.  

  • It's an hour-long interactive experience that features real people’s real stories on film, guided conversation, biblical insights, and time to build relationships.
  • At Lifetree Café, we tackle the topics that most people deal with—topics about the big (and little) stuff that shapes our lives. Family. Friends. Fears. Busyness. Balance. Money. Materialism. Health. Heaven. Peace. Purpose.
  • It's a time and place where rich conversation is served up at every event. You’re encouraged to share your own stories and listen to others. But if you don’t feel like talking, that’s okay, too.
You’re welcome just as you are.
Your thoughts are welcome, your doubts are welcome,
We're all in this together, 
God is there to touch you in a fresh way.

Check out the event trailers below to get a fuller understanding of these amazing events. 

Check out some of the topic trailers lower on this page


The conversation during each 60 minute event is a guided discussion is about a different topic; Each selected from a broad range of categories such as family, relationships, trust, and the world around us.  

During each event, the host will show a video or set the stage with a brief story and then ask an open-ended question which participants will then be asked to discuss. 

See information about the next up-coming event here.    


Many of the conversations are held between 3 or 4 people sitting at their own table, sharing their thought and doubts. Often deep lasting friendships grow out of that trusting frank yet compassionate sharing.


Participants learn something new at almost every event.  The video may show you an interesting piece of trivial information, or a friend may share something that is life changing for you. Participants often experience the presence of God during these events. Almost everyone grows in their understanding of the world around us, relationship building, and their Faith. 


Lifetree Cafe topics often deal with topics we all find challenging, such as: 

Overcoming Obstacles

Blowing the Whistle on Abuse



May topics address helpful information for coping with life as we find it.

Secrets to Finding Contentment

Getting Past you Past

Surviving the Death of a Loved One


Some topics help you explore your faith and often growth results 

Does God Have a Plan for You?

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Can God Love a Mess Like Me?

The topics about are just a few of the more than 100 topics we discuss.  Do yourself a favor and check us out.  You'll be glad you did. 

Come, Join the Conversation

We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1:00PM.  Drop by and check us out.

Mandarin Senior Center
3848 Hartley Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Have a question?

Call George at (904) 731-0731.  Leave a message and we'll call you back.

or email at George@LifetreeCafeJAX.org