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Lutheran Spirituality

In the United States, "spirituality" is professed by a large majority of the population.  Unfortunately it also has many meanings. Some of it's followers have embraced rationalism, humanism, Darwinism,  the worship of science and technology, Satanism, even the old pagan gods and called it spirituality.  These "....isms" seem to attempt to fill the void left behind by the loss of a Christian Spirit. Even among faithful Christians, there seems to be a mixture that runs from the mystical to the sterile.

Those who attempt to faithfully follow Christ find it difficult to find the difference between "spirituality" and their Faith and beliefs.

This study from the Lutheran Spirituality Series will answer the question: "Do Lutheran Christians have a spirituality?"  This series explores the rich depths of distinctly Lutheran spirituality that flows directly from scripture.  

Join us, learn, and share your thought with us.

Men's Bible Study


11:00AM - 1200Noon

Hope Lutheran Church Sanctuary

Lead by Rick Charlton

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