Hope Happenings

Download the most recent Hope Happenings handout Here.

Current Budget

Please continue to place your offerings in the basket at the rear of the church.  

Thank you for your tithes and donations.

Through Oct 10th
Income MTD                   $       5.536.10
Income YTD                           98.640.53
Budget Expenses YTD   $   110,000.00

We are still lagging behind the budget. 

If possible, increasing your tithes just a little during this time would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you to those able to help.

In Need?

As always, if you need something, in addition to  prayers, feel free to contact either Pastor or Kristen. 

Pastor can be reached at kiltedrev@yahoo.com or at 716-957-0470 (have texting capability) 

Kristen can be reached at knelsonmckenzie@gmail.com or at 716-957-0469 (has texting capability).  

Opportunities to Serve

Maintenance Help Needed

We are looking for someone to do light maintenance duties.  If interested, see Daryl Siewert.

Cleaning Help Needed

Sign up to help Clean the church at the front counter.  We need your help.  Gather a Team and sign up now.

If you need more information or supplies,  please. contact 

Chynsia at chynsia@gmail.com

Oct 23rd Lois/Sandy
Oct 30th

Worship Assistance

Readers are needed for upcoming church services.   

Sign up in the narthex on the front counter.

Date        Readers  

Oct 17th      Lois      
Oct 24th      Karen   
Oct 31st      Desiree
Nov 7th       Chynsia  
Nov 14th
Nov 21st                    
Nov 28th                     

Hope Happy Hour 

Volunteer to provide fellowship drinks and food during the Hope Happy Hour on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  


Date               Hope’s Happy Hour

Oct 17th          Inreach : Leimers
Oct 24th          Mackos  
Oct 31st          Inreach: Desiree/Antionette 
Nov 7th           Inreach
Nov 14th
Nov 21st         Inreach
Nov 28th         Lois/Sandy 


Ways to help Hope raise funds

Use our link on your Amazon orders.  

Use this link to link your Amazon account to Hope.  

Amazon donates .05% of your purchases back to Hope.



Make a one time contribution or increase your regular scheduled tithing

Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Collect your pop tabs from your cans

to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

Collection containers are in the kitchen.