Concordia Publishing House 

  • "Portals of Prayer" - Individual and family devotions - quarterly publication
  • "Portals of Prayers for Kids" - Children's Devotional
  • Loved Devotions for Teens by Teens - Teenage Devotional
  • "Time of Grace" - Mark Jeske Adult Devotional
  • "A Child's Garden of Prayer" - Young Children Prayer Book
  • "Time to Pray - Daily Prayers for Youth" - Teenage Prayer Book
  • "Blessings and Prayers for Women" - Women's Prayer Book
  • "Blessings and Prayers for Men" - Men's Prayer Book
  • "My First Bible Storybook" - Children Book
  • "The Growing in Faith Bible Storybook" - Children Book


  • "The Very Best Hands-On Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions" - Tim Shoemaker, Family Devotions
  • "Climb: A One Year Devotional for Teens and Young Adults - Ruth Chesney, Teens and Young Adult Devotional
  • "God's Blessing Day By Day:  My Daily Devotional for Kids" - Johnny Hunt & Thomas Nelson, Children Devotional
  • Sharing God's Love and Joy: 52 Devotional Bible Studies for Senior Adult" - Willa Ruth Garlow, Senior Adult Devotional

Group Publishing

  • "Surprising Devotions for Families" - Family Devotions
  • "Hands-On Bible Devotions for Kids" - Children Devotional
  • "The Jesus Centered Life: 40 Devotions for Teenagers" - Teenage Devotional
  • "99 Thoughts for College-Age People" - Young Adult Devotional