The Family of Hope

Experience Hope!  Come, join us, our neighbors and friends and experience the support, hope and friendship available at a Hope Lutheran Church, where you'll be welcomed as a long-lost friend.

The first time yiou attend, you're our guest, after that, you are family. 

Your visit will help you discover the deeper, spiritual benefits that faith can provide. 

eXperience Hope:  Why Choose Hope Lutheran Church as your church home?

Come for the fellowship; stay for the "Peace of God that passes all understanding".

We seek God weekly, through His word and worship; He responds with peace and love.

You are welcome just as you are.  We know we are all sinners who are, with God's help, working to heal from that sin and be more as God would have us be. You'll fit right in. 

God, through His Word, instructs us on how He would have us live.  He will help you too

We help each other to become more like the people God would have us be.

We are large enough to be diverse and small enough to be family.   

The world lacks hope.  

People are clamoring to fill their empty lives.    

Abuse, addiction, illness, unforgiveness, and brokenness abound.  

But Jesus came to give us hope.  

Our hope is alive!  It is the Spirit of God that dwells inside us.    

Jesus, the Christ, the Savior, the Messiah, brings us this hope

Our hope is certain; 

We want to share it with you.


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