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Message OF Hope Outline

October 15, 2023

  1. What is Contentment?
    1. Worldly
    2. Biblically
  2. The Secret of Contentment
    1. Focusing on Jesus as Sovereign
    2. Focusing on Jesus as Savior
    3. Focus on Jesus as Sufficient Provider

Message of Hope Outline

October 8, 2023

  1. The Christian Life
    1. Is Described as a Race
    2. Takes Daily Effort
    3. Is a Growing Process
  2. To Grow As a Christian
    1. One Must Be in the Race
    2. Have a Proper Attitude
    3. Give It Proper Effort

Message of Hope Outline

October 1, 2023

  1. Joy
    1. Worldly Joy
    2. Christian Joy
  2. The Foundation for Joy
    1. Be in a Relationship With Jesus
    2. Be in a Relationship With Other Christians
    3. Receive God’s Grace and Peace

Message of Hope Outline

September 17, 2023

  1. The Importance of Community
  2. Know and Play Your Part
  3. Love Roots Us in Community
  4. We Don’t Do Life Alone

Message of Hope Outline

September 3, 2023

  1. Faith in Jesus Grows Deep Roots
  2. Roots of Faith Grow in Fellowship
  3. Jesus and Us
    1. He is the Vine
    2. We are the Branches

Message of Hope Outline

August 27, 2023


  1. Christian Living
    1. The Motive
    2. The Commitment


  1. The Commitment
    1. An Act of the Will
    2. Involves Your Body
    3. Is Sacrificial
    4. Is An Act of Worship

Message of Hope Outline

August 13, 2023

  1. Good News
    1. Some Accept It
    2. Some Reject It
  2. Harden Hearts Lead To
    1. Not Obeying the Gospel
    2. Not Responding in Faith
    3. Rejecting the Gospel
  3. God’s Grace
    1. Causes People to Believe the Gospel
    2. Causes People to Respond in Faith

Message of Hope Outline

July 16, 2023


  1. Adoption


  1. Because of God’s Grace
  2. We Have Become God’s Adopted Children
  3. We Have Become God’s Heirs


  1. As God’s Heirs
  2. We Have Promises from the Holy Spirit
  3. We Have Assurances from the Holy Spirit
  4. We Can Endure Suffering
  5. We Look Forward to Future Glory

Message of Hope Outline
July 9, 2023

I.    The War Within

II.    To Win the Spiritual War

A.    Understand the Conflict Between Sin and the New Person
B.    The Old Self Operates Through Compulsion
C.    The New Self Agrees With God’s Law

III.    Deliverance in the Spiritual Conflict

A.    Consistent Victory Over Sin in This Life
B.    Perfect Victory Over Sin in the Next Life

IV.    To Experience Consistent Victory Over Sin

A.    Repent of Our Sin
B.    Receive God’s Forgiveness and Help

Message of Hope Outline

July 2, 2023

  1. Romans 7 is Challenging
  2. Through Our Relationship With Christ
    1. We Have Died to the Law
    2. Freed from the Condemnation of the Law
  3. Having Died to the Law
    1. We are Joined to Jesus
    2. We Can Do Good Works by the Spirit


Message Of Hope Outline

June 25, 2023


  1. Stop It
  2. God’s Tells Us This
  3. How Do We Stop?


  1. Four Truths to Help Us Stop It
  2. Read Romans 1-6:11
  3. Understanding Sin is a Tyrant
  4. With Christ’s Help, We Can
  5. Say “No to Sin”
  6. Say “Yes to God”
  7. God Promises Us Victory


Steps to Controlling Sin According to the NLT Parallel Study Bible (June 25, 2023)

1. "Identify Our Personal Weaknesses"

2. "Recognize the Things that Tempt Us"

3. "Stay Away from Sources of Temptation"

4. "Practice Self-Restraint"

5. "Lean on God's Strength and Grace"


Message of Hope Outline

June 18, 2023

  1. Kennedy “Evangelism Explosion” Questions
  2. Differences of Opinion on Assurance of Salvation
  3. Can Have Assurance of Salvation
  4. Justified by Christ’s Blood
  5. Reconciled With God


Message of Hope Outline

June 11, 2023

  1. A Christian Personally Believes in Jesus
    1. Faith Must Be Personal
    2. Our Faith Must Be Like Abraham’s
    3. Our Faith is Based Upon Scripture
    4. Our Faith Receives Christ’s Righteousness
  2. A Christian Believes
    1. Jesus Paid for Our Sins
    2. Jesus Rose from the Dead

Message of Hope Outline 

June 4, 2023 

I. What is the Sabbath For? 

II. Are Christians to Keep the Sabbath? 

III. How Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Growth through Suffering

Message Outline

May 21, 2023

  1. To Grow in a Godly Way
    1. Humble Yourself Before God
    2. Resist the Devil
    3. Trust God
    4. Get Support from Others
  2. Trusting God Means
    1. Place Trials in Perspective
    2. Place God in Perspective
    3. Place God’s Purpose in Perspective


Conflict Resolution

Message Outline

May 7, 2023

  1. There Will Be Problems in the Church
  2. Principles to Solving Church Problems
    1. Christians Build Their Lives
      1. Through the Word
      2. Through Prayer
    2. Recognize Christians Will Have Problems
    3. Christians Appreciate Harmony and Diversity
    4. Understand and Use Gifts
    5. Christians are to Be Spiritually Qualified

Motivation; What motivates people to do what they do?

Message Outline

April 23, 2023


  1. Motivation
    1. What is It?
    2. Why is It Important?
  2. We are to Strive Toward Holiness
    1. Because Our Heavenly Father is the Judge
    2. Because Our Heavenly Father Purchased Us
    3. Saved Us from Bondage
    4. Saved Us at Great Cost

"Mission Impossible".  Do You Accept?  Or, Not?

"Mission Impossible"  Jesus gave his followers, including you and me, the seemingly impossible task to go and make disciples.  How can we accept and accomplish such a task?

Message Outline
April 16, 2023

I.    The Mission
A.    TV Show “Mission Impossible”
B.    The Great Commission of Jesus

II.    We Can Confidently Share the Gospel
A.    Because Jesus Gives Us Peace
B.    Because He Rose
C.    Because He Gives Us An Important Mission
D.    Because He Gives Us the Holy Spirit

He is Risen! 

How can we be save? Why is a Risen Jesus so important?

Easter Message Outline

April 9, 2023

  1. “How Can I Be Saved?”
    1. Answers Vary
    2. Does Sincerity Play a Role?
  2. Peter’s Sermon Teaches Us
    1. Salvation is Not Based Upon Good Works
    2. Salvation Focuses on Jesus
    3. Salvation Goes to Others Through Proclamation
    4. Salvation Shows Itself Through a Christian Life

Repentance:  Good Friday, 4/07/2023

Message Outline

April 7, 2023

  1. What Do You Think?
    1. Are Some People Beyond Hope?
    2. This Type of Conversion is Not Frequent
  2. The Story of King Manasseh
    1. A Bad Sinner
      1. He Sinned Boldly
      2. He Led Others into Sin
      3. He Hated God
    2. He Repents
      1. Turned from Sin to God
      2. He Submitted to God
  3. Repentance Gives Us Blessings

Obedience:  Maunday THursday, 4/6/2023


Message Outline

April 6, 2023

  1. Password Game
  2. Obedience
    1. Found in Scripture
    2. Responds to God’s Character
    3. Promotes Unity in God’s People
    4. Results in Joyous Blessings

Self-esteem:  Is too low a self-esteem cause problems?  or, ...


Message Outline

April 2, 2023


  1. What Should Be Our Guide?
    1. Doctrine?
    2. Feelings?
  2. Books Have Been Written
    1. To Help People Develop Self-Esteem
    2. To Maintain Self-Esteem
  3. The Bible Was Written
    1. To Show Us the Importance of Salvation
    2. To Show Us the Importance of Humility
  4. To Grow in Humility
    1. Understand the Birth and Death of Jesus
    2. Allow the Humility of Jesus to Affect Our Behavior

Not Guilty:  Let him or her go free!  If you were on death row, what would those words mean to you?

Message Outline

March 26, 2023

  1. Something to Think About
    1. “Not Guilty; Let Him or Her Go Free”
    2. What Would Those Words Mean to You?
    3. Why the Aforementioned Words are Important
  2. You are in the Spirit
    1. If the Spirit Dwells in You
    2. If You Take God at His Word
  3. Identifiable Marks That the Spirit is in You
    1.  You Have Received the New Birth
    2. You are Drawn to Jesus
    3. You Have a Growing Hatred to Sin
    4. You Love Holiness
    5. You Grow in Thankfulness and Prayer
  4. The Spirit’s Promise to Us

How should Christians relate to a morally and spiritually dark world?

Pastor Pat's Message delivered on March 19th

Message Outline

March 19, 2023


  1. How are We to Relate to Unbelievers?
    1. With Compromised Lives?
    2. With a Critical Spirit?
    3. Is There a Different Option?
  2. Walk as Children of Light
    1. Be Children of Light
    2. Walk in a Spiritually Darkened World
    3. Expose the Deeds of Spiritual Darkness
  3. We Expose Deeds of Spiritual Darkness
    1. By Our Godly Lives
    2. By Proper Separation When Necessary
    3. By Maintaining Contact With the World

How Can One Find Peace With God?

Message Outline

March 12, 2023

  1. Peace is the Greatest Gift from God
    1. Is It a Feeling?
    2. Is It a Fact?
    3. How Do You Know You Have It?
  2. To Have Peace
    1. We Must Be Justified
    2. We Must Trust in Jesus
  3. Access to God
    1. Comes Through Jesus
    2. Gains for Us His Riches
  4. Sharing in God’s Glory
    1. Is Our Future
    2. Gives Us Joy Now

Does God Give Specific Tasks to Specific People?

Message of Hope Outline

March 5, 2023

  1. God’s Call
    1. Is to Obey His Word
    2. Can Be Specific in Nature
  2. To Discern Our Specific Call
    1. Apply Biblical Principles
    2. Be Faithful in God’s General Call
  3. The Call From God
    1. Can Be Costly
    2. Demands Faith and Trust in God
    3. Is Persistent in Nature
  4. Great Blessings From the Call
    1. For Abraham
    2. New Land
    3. A Great Nation
    4. Blessing Others Through Him
    5. For Us

Are People Born Good or Bad?

Message Outline

February 26, 2023


  1. The Debate of Society
    1. Are Humans Born Good?
    2. Are Humans Born Bad?
  2. Sin and Death
    1. Came Through Adam
    2. We Sinned, Too
    3. Adam’s Sin Affected All Humanity
  3. The Work of Christ
    1. Is Greater Than Adam’s Sin
    2. Gives God’s Grace
    3. Freely Gives Justification
    4. Gives Eternal Life
  4. Practical Application
    1. Live in Prayer
    2. Solution to Sin is the Good News
    3. Salvation is Not by Good Works


Upon what foundation should your faith rest?

Message Outline

February 19, 2022

  1. The Post-Christian World
  2. Faith in Christ
    1. Is It True?
    2. Its Foundation
  3. Apostolic Witness to Jesus
    1. The Apostles Didn’t Invent Myths
    2. Jesus is the Son of God
    3. Jesus is Returning in Power and Glory
    4. The Apostles Were Eyewitnesses

How to keep relationships peaceful

Message Outline

February 12, 2023


  1. Relationships
    1. God Wants Peaceful Relationships
    2. Sin Disrupts Relationships
  2. Lasting Relationships Guard Against
    1. Unrighteous Anger 
    2. Unrighteous Thoughts
    3. Evil Speech
  3. To Guard Against Anger We Must
    1. View Things As God Does
    2. Repent of It
    3. Do Acts of Love
  4. To Protect Our Tongues We Must
    1. Be Slow to Speak
    2. Speak in an Edifying Manner
    3. Willingly Submit to God

How should Christians relate to the world around us?

Sermon Outline

February 4, 2023


  1. The Church’s Relationship With the World
    1. Is it Important?
    2. What Should It Look Like?
  2. Salt
    1. Its Uses in the Ancient World
    2. Was It Valuable?
  3. Disciples of Christ are Called the Salt of the Earth
    1. Valuable Preservationists
    2. Create Thirst in Society
  4. Growing as Spiritual Salt
    1. Be Sprinkled on People and Places
    2. Fellowship With Other Believers
    3. Commune With Jesus
    4. Seasons of Saltiness

How can you be poor and rich at the same time?

Message Outline
January 29, 2023
  1. Sermon on the Mount
    1. What is It?
    2. What is Its Purpose?
  2. Beatitudes
    1. What are They?
    2. Why are They Important?
  3. What Does It Mean to Be Blessed?
    1. Poor in Spirit
    2. Necessary for Salvation
  4. Necessary for Spiritual Growth
  5. How Do We Know If We’re Poor in Spirit?
    1. We are Thankful
    2. We Pray Frequently

Is Jesus Inviting You to "Follow Him"?

Message Outline

January 22, 2023

  1. What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?
  2. Qualities of Those Who Fish for Jesus
    1. Flexible and Adjustable
    2. Brave and Trusting
    3. Persevering With Persistence 


  1. Preparatory Steps to Fishing for Jesus
    1. Pray Up for Self and Others
    2. Carry Gospel Tracts
    3. Believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Pointing Other People toward Jesus!

Message Outline

January 15, 2023


  1. God’s Message to Humanity
    1. Law
    2. Gospel


  1. John the Baptist
    1. Was Sent by God
    2. Was a Faithful Witness


  1. The Elements of John’s Message
    1. Jesus is God’s Sacrificial Lamb
    2. Jesus is the God-Man
    3. As a Man, Jesus was Filled With the Holy Spirit
    4. As God, Jesus Baptizes With the Holy Spirit
    5. Jesus is the Son of God

What Hope do we have in Jesus? Jan 1, 2023   

Message Outline
January 1, 2023

I. Simeon’s Hope in Jesus Enabled Him
A. To Live Righteously
B. To Live Expectantly
C. To Live in the Power of the Holy Spirit

II. Those Who Hope in Christ
A. Are Rewarded With God’s Grace
B. Are Rewarded With God’s Gifts

III. Christ Was the Object of Hope
A. Born Without Sin
B. Born to Save People
C. Born to Bring Judgment on the Opposed

Is it ok to have doubts about your faith?

Why be Thankful

This message was delivered in the form of a skit about the first Thanksgiving.  We were unable to do the skit justice on video.  We appologise.

Ary You Prepared

Message Outline

November 13, 2022

Jesus Second Coming

  1. Do American Adults Believe in Jesus’ Return?
  2. Does It Affect the Way We Live Today?

 Jesus’ Second Return

  1. It Will Definitely Happen
  2. Signs of His Coming
    1. Global Threats
    2. Global Changes
  3. The Challenge of His Return
  4. Readiness of His Coming
    1. Keep Alert Through Prayer
    2. Keep Alert Through Obedience

Are You Prepared for His Return?


Message Outline

November 6, 2022

  1. Doctrine
    1. Is It Important or Unimportant?
    2. What Feelings Does the Word Evoke?


  1. Doctrine is Important
    1. Because Jesus Taught
    2. There is Doctrinal Truth
    3. There is Doctrinal Error
    4. Because True Doctrine Comes From God


  1. Willingly Holding to False Doctrine Shows
    1. A Lack of Submission to Jesus
    2. Sin is at Work
    3. Faulty Motives


  1. Unsound Doctrine
    1. Can Affect Our Earthly Life
    2. Can Affect Our Life in Eternity

No Message of Hope on Oct 30th

Technical difficulties once again prevented us from recording the Message of Hope which was the the skit “Luther, the Reformation and Some Jokes": by Rev. Hans Fiene.  Sunday, October 30th.

No Message of Hope on Oct 23rd

Pastor Pat was out of town for a family emergency 

Pastor Pat's Message of Hope on Spiritual Perseverance

Message Outline

October 16, 2022


  1. Spiritual Perseverance
  2. Involves Prayer
  3. Involves Daily Practice


  1. Losing Heart Means
  2. Giving Up on Prayer
  3. Not Handling the Delays of God


  1. The Answer to Losing Heart
  2. Is Having a Biblical View of God
  3. God Cares for Us
  4. God’s Delays are Always Good
  5. God Will Bring Ultimate Justice
  6. Is Having a Biblical View of Self
  7. Persist in Prayer
  8. Unconditionally Trust God’s Character
  9. Unconditionally Trust God’s Promises

Do You Feel Abandoned and Alone?

Message Outline

October 9, 2022


  1. By Nature
  2.  We are Spiritual Lepers
  3. We are Spiritually Unclean


  1. As Spiritual Lepers
  2.  We Can Call for Jesus’ Mercy
  3. We Can Respond in Obedient Faith
  4. We Can Glorify God With Gratitude

How To Obey God When We Really Don't Want To

The Normal Message Outline is unavailable for October 2nd Worship Message.

What will happen to you when you die?

Message Outline

September 25, 2022


  1. Destinies
  2. No Purgatory
  3. There are Only Two


  1. A Fixed Destiny
  2. The Great Chasm
  3. The Basis of a Fixed Destiny


  1. God’s Word
  2. Can Bring People to Repentance
  3. Repentance
  4. Is Not Intellectual Conviction
  5. It is Heartfelt Conversion


  1. True Salvation
  2.  Based on Outward Appearance
  3. Based on Grace, Faith, and Repentance

How much did Jesus teach about money?

Message Outline

September 18, 2022

  1. Stewardship
    1. God Owns Everything
    2. We Manage Everything for Him
  2. Accountability of Stewardship
    1. Accountability to Others
    2. Accountability to God
  3. Focus on Establishment of Treasures
    1. Not on Earth
    2. In Heaven
  4. Whom Shall We Serve
    1. Material Wealth?
    2. Or God?

Are you disconnected from God?

Message Outline

September 11, 2022


  1. Sinners Originally are Disconnected From God.


  1. God Seeks Those Disconnected From Him.
  2. God Initiates the Search
  3. He Expends Time in the Search
  4. God Relentlessly Pursues the Disconnected
  5. God Finds the Disconnected


  1. God Rejoices
  2. When Disconnected Sinners Repent
  3. When the Disconnected Become Connected

What does it cost to follow Jesus?

Message  Outline

September 4, 2022


  1. Following Jesus Superficially
  2. Consider the Cost of Following Jesus
    1. Love Jesus More Than Family and Friends
    2. Love Jesus More Than Ourselves
    3. Dying to Self
    4. Place Jesus Above All

What does the Bible say about "Self Esteem"?

What does the Bible say about self esteem? 


Sermon Bible

Passages August 28, 2022


  1. Philippians 2:2-5 

2 Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. 3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. 5 You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. 2. 

        2. Psalm 139:13-14 

13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. 3. 

       3.  2 Timothy 4:2 2 

Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. 

       4. Matthew 7:3-5 

3 “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye[c] when you have a log in your own? 4 How can you think of saying to your friend,[d] ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye. 

Message Outline
August 28, 2022
I  Jesus Confronts Hypocrisy 
             a. Hypocrites Use Bible as Ammunition 
             b. Hypocrites Target Others 
             c. Hypocrites Love Rules, Not People 
             d. Hypocrites Bend the Rules 
             e. Hypocrites Persist in Their Sins 

II. Jesus Confronts Selfish Pride 

III. Jesus Confronts Our Sin 
       a. Of Using People 
       b. Of Not Loving People

Are you walking the narrow path that leads to the narrow door?

Message Outline

August 21, 2022

  1. Salvation Requires Serious Effort
  2. Because the Door is Narrow
  3. Because Not Everyone Will Enter


  1. The Door to Heaven
  2. Will Eventually Shut
  3. Is Open to Only True Followers


  1. Salvation Requires Careful Self-Examination
  2. Because the Consequences are Devastating
  3. Because There are Only Two Final Categories

Is it more important to serve the Lord or to spend time with Him?

Message of Hope Outline

July 17, 2022

  1. An Important Questions


  1. Why is Sitting at Jesus’ Feet Necessary?
  2. The Bible Gives Us God’s Wisdom for Life
  3. The Bible Puts Us in Relationship With Jesus
  4. The Bible Puts Pressures into Perspective
  5. The Bible is With Us Always


  1. Why Don’t We Sit at Jesus’ Feet?
  2. Too Busy With Demands
  3. We Get Distracted by Life’s Challenges
  4. We are Afraid of the Opinions of Others


  1. We Can Sit at Jesus’ Feet
  2. By Stop Blaming Others & Circumstances
  3. By Establishing Quiet Time With God



Message of Hope Outline

Depression & Mental Illness

June 26, 2022

  1. Depression
  2. Great People in the Bible Had Depression
  3. Elijah’s Depression was Intense
  1. God Wants Us to Be Balanced
  2. Balance is a Gift from God
  3. God Encourages Us to Take Steps
  1. Sources of Depression
  2. Physical Burnout
  3. Emotional Depletion
  4. Comparing Ourselves to Others
  5. Isolating Ourselves
  6. Spiritual Disconnection from God
  1. Action Steps
  2. Take Care of Ourselves
  3. Reconnect With God
  4. Initiate Fellowship With Others
  5. Get Professional Help If Needed

Which of the 3 mindsets about Jesus is yours?

Repentance; What is it, really

Why Did God Confuse the Language of the Ancient Babylonians?

June 5, 2022

Message Outline

June 5, 2022

  1. Babbling
    1. Frustrates People
    2. Is a Barrier to Understanding
  2. The Building of the Tower of Babel
    1. Human-Centered
    2. Not God-Centered
  3. God’s Response to the Tower of Babel
    1. Judgment
    2. Scattering of People and Languages
  4. God’s Pattern in Genesis
    1. Sin
    2. Judgment
    3. Grace
  5. Where’s the Grace in Genesis 11?
    1. There is None
    2. Grace Occurs in the Calling of Abraham (Genesis 12)
  6. Other Acts of God’s Grace
    1. Jesus
    2. New Testament Pentecost

Witnessing to Unsaved Family Members.  

May 22, 2022

Message Outline

May 22, 2022

  1. Reaching Our Families for Christ
  2. “Evangelism Starts at Home”
  3. Our Responsibility
  4. Biblical Examples


  1. The Sharing of the Gospel
  2. Look for Opportunities
  3. Be Obedient to God


  1. Response to the Gospel
  2. Some Will Reject
  3. Some Will Accept


  1. The Impact of In-House Evangelism