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Pastor's Sunday Message Summary

How to fill your life with Hope and Joy

What is Your Mission as a Christian?

Why is it important to belong to a Faith Community?  

How to experience Peace and purpose in your life

What does it mean to be a "Living Sacrifice" to God?

Has God ever tested your Faith? How did you respond?

Would you turn down $5000/week for life?

Does God predestine some people to damnation?

How do you deal with the weeds that grow up in the garden of your life?

Do you feel lonely?  Disconnected?  

Do you have a war raging within yourself?  How might you win it?

Are you living your life under bondage? or under liberty?

Two words that can help you overcome fears, phobias, and sins

How can you be certain of your salvation?

Do we need rest from the "Rat Race"?

Living Waters brings meaning and purpose to your life.

Growth through suffering

Does sharing your faith scare you?

People Problems:  What the Bible tells us about resolving conflict in the church

"An Abundant Life":  Are you living your "Abundant Life"?  What does that even mean?

Motivation:  Are you motivated by positive or negative outcomes?

"Mission Impossible."  Would you accept an "impossible" challenge?  or Not?

Have you ever asked yourself "How can I be saved"?

Imagine, you're setting on Death Row. What would you think if you then heard ...

Experience Pastor's full

Experience Hope in person

How should Christians related to a spiritually and morally dark world?

How do we have peace with God?

How do you know what God has called you to do?

Why do we sin? 

Upon What does your Faith rest?

How can we keep relationships peaceful?

How does God want you to relate to non-Christians?

How can one be poor and rich at the same time?

How Do We Accept Jesus' Invitation to "Follow Him"?

What do we need to share when pointing someone toward Jesus?

Are You "Dead to Sin"?  What does that even mean?

What Hope do we place in Jesus?

Why do we hear so much bad news and so little good?

How does your home rate?

How do you deal with your Faith Doubts?

The is a major threat to you... and yes, you can prepare for it!

Do you like to prepare for the arrival of a visitor? 

Should we, or why be grateful?

Do you resist or embrace change?

How should we approach God?

Do you have difficulty being spiritually persistent?

Do You Feel Abandoned and Alone?


How Can We Obey God When We Don't Want To?

What happens to you when you die?

How much did Jesus teach about money?

Are You Relationally Disconnected from God?

What does it cost to follow Jesus?

What does the Bible have to say about self-esteem?

Are you on the winding road that leads to the Narrow Gate?

Life-Altering experiences

What is FAITH?

Are you a slave to SIN?


How do you pray?

Is it better to serve the Lord, or learn from Him?

What Message Have You Been Given?

What kind of Life does God want for you?

What Mindset do you have regarding Jesus?

Why is "Repentance" important?

Confused by what people say?

Do you know that you, too, have been called to be a witness?

What must you do yourself?

How can we ask Christians to stay true to God's Ministry?

Is that Really God Calling?

A Life-Changing Event

Do You Fear the Future?

He Is Risen, Indeed!

What does it mean to be a new creation?

What does it mean to repent?

Adults like to give children...


The Path of a Christian


Even though, historically, there have been other politicians who have set aside a day of National Thanksgiving, it was Abraham Lincoln, in the middle of the Civil War, that proclaimed that a National Day of Thanksgiving should be observed on a final Thursday in November. 

Lincoln stated that it was proper for our nation to thank God for his mercies and blessings. 

I pray you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving; as we together thank our awesome Savior for his numerous blessings! 

Pastor Pat

The Bible (Mark 13:1-13) tells us that there will be signs and events preceding the final return of jesus. Even though the occurrence of signs and events can be scary, remember the followers of Jesus win in the end due to his victory through the cross and resurrection! As we wait his final return, let us do the following (Heb. 10:23-25): 1. Cling to our hope in him; 2. Trust God's promises; 3. Motivate one another in Acts of love and good work; 4. Continue to worship together. Pastor Pat

Sunday was All Saints Day. All Saints Day is a Christian celebration that honors all the saints throughout christendom. It is a day that we express our gratitude to God for the lives and deaths of those saints who trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior and lived a God--pleasing life by His Holy Spirit. Some people may think of saints the statues of famous people in the church building. The Bible teaches that all followers of Jesus Christ, alive or dead, are saints. - Pastor Pat